News | Caribou Comes Out On Top For Healthcare Planning In T3 Technology Tools for Today’s 2024 Survey

Caribou Team
February 7, 2024

Caribou, a healthcare planning software solution for financial advisors, received an average satisfaction rating of 8.54 in this year’s T3 Technology Tools for Today Survey. This rating put us in the top 10 of more than 800 technology tools and solutions mentioned in T3’s 2024 survey.

Caribou received a lengthy mention in the Miscellaneous section in last year’s survey, which helped in our campaign to make Healthcare Planning a category in T3’s annual survey. Thanks in part to our CEO's persistence, Healthcare Planning was one of the new categories in the 2024 T3 Technology Tools for Today Survey. Caribou was mentioned alongside four other healthcare planning solutions, and as a category, Healthcare Planning received an average satisfaction rating of 7.55. Caribou’s 8.54 rating put us on top in the Healthcare Planning category.

Christine Simone, Caribou CEO, was in the room at the T3 Conference as Caribou was announced as a “Software All-Star.” 

“I am honored, but not surprised, that we received one of the highest ratings in the survey,” said Simone. “Our team’s dedication, and our ever-improving software, are why our customers and their clients are blown away by HealthPlanner, Caribou’s healthcare planning platform.”

As the T3 survey points out, Healthcare Planning is an early-emerging area of advice, which is why the market penetration for the entire category is just 5.79%. However, in 2021, Estate Planning was around the same percentage (4.49%), but as of 2024 has nearly 40% market adoption. Is healthcare planning the next estate planning? We think so!

“I have no doubt that Healthcare Planning adoption will follow the same trend and skyrocket over the next three years,” said Simone. “The entire Caribou team and I are excited and ready for what’s to come.”

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