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We like to celebrate proactive planning and cost saving opportunities. Curious about what that would look like? Look no further.

Case study showing financial savings

Smooth Life and Insurance Transitions

Without the right planning, insurance transitions are left to clients to figure out. In some cases, clients could be overpaying or exposed to penalties for missed deadlines.

Personalized Cost Clarity

Wouldn't it be great to understand clients' personalized healthcare costs down to the level of prescription drug costs? Now you can.

Case study showing medication cost estimates
Case study showing financial savings

A Trusted, Non-Biased Resource

There are great agents out there, but at the end of the day, they make money based on commissions and often don't represent all options. We're different.

What Clients of Advisors Say

“Caribou made it very easy to determine the best options for me. The process was thorough and covered each detail to help me make the best decision for my situation.

Kathy L.

Client of Financial Advisor

“Thank you for providing the analysis. I found it to be very thorough and informative. It really helped me to cut through the vast maze of insurance options to make a choice I was happy with.”

Dan P.

Client of Financial Advisor

“The Caribou system was easy to use and guided me without being directive. The analysis was concise and straightforward.”

Timothy M.

Client of Financial Advisor

“Caribou listened to my healthcare needs and closely reviewed my information to find a healthcare plan that best fit my needs. I was then easily able to find a plan on the healthcare.gov website.”

Karen B.

Client of Financial Advisor

“Choosing the right options is critical. Their analysis was phenomenal! Caribou was professional, courteous, and VERY thorough. Highly recommend!”

Michael M.

Client of Financial Advisor

“This was the second year I have used Caribou. They already had most of my information, so I only had to update a few items. Caribou sent me a recommendation report within two days. This has given me time to assess which plan I will choose."


Client of Financial Advisor
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Meet Susan

A partnered financial advisory firm used Caribou's software for Susan, who was approaching Medicare eligibility. Susan retired early and was currently on a retiree health plan. She wants to retain access to the hospital down the street, she has a second home out-of-state, and plans to travel during retirement.

Using Caribou, Susan's advisor was able to generate the best suited plan options for Medicare Supplement and Drug coverage based on her preferences.

The advisor had clear outlines of the associated costs and her maximum financial exposure within a given year, strengthening her financial plan.

Susan proactively made an informed decision about her health insurance in a conversation with her financial advisor, who now better understood expected costs for the upcoming year.

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