We see a world where healthcare
doesn’t get in the way of living.

Caribou sits at the intersection of two of the most arguably complex industries: healthcare and finance. These two topics have been historically segregated even though:

Healthcare is the #1 reason behind bankruptcies.

Healthcare is one of the biggest expenses in retirement.

Healthcare is currently the top financial concern for Americans.

Everyday, we see the positive impact that uniting these topics can have and we've made it our mission to simplify the process of planning for healthcare to ensure more secure financial futures and peace of mind for everyone.

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A Note From Our Founders

We started Caribou from our experiences working in healthcare, seeing day in and day out the financial burden and impact on the quality of life that healthcare costs place on Americans. Expenses tied to healthcare are often a surprise and there are very few solutions that allow for someone to proactively plan for key milestones and events where it's known that your healthcare costs can change, like when you retire or as you age. We learned more about the financial planning industry and were shocked to find that there were little to no healthcare cost optimization strategies for financial planning beyond generic cost estimators, despite healthcare being the top financial concern for many Americans. It was at this crossroads that we found how we could make a difference in the lives of others: healthcare planning software that gives a custom analysis of clients’ current and future healthcare costs. This allows financial advisors to offer a truly comprehensive financial plan and, best of all, allows clients to achieve their lifestyle goals without fear of medical costs.

We’re proud to share that Caribou has grown from an idea shared between two individuals to a mission that’s being championed every day by our employees, our investors, the national base of financial advising firms we work with, and, most importantly, their clients who are now able to plan for the future and navigate the healthcare system with peace of mind.

- Christine Simone & Cory Blumenfeld, Caribou Co-Founders

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

You are always our priority, no matter what.
Nothing else incentivizes us.


We are transparent and always honest in describing any expectations.

Always Learning

We know our strengths and take every opportunity
we can to learn new skills.

Listen First

We take the time to listen to your unique needs and
what you hope to achieve.

Offer Value

When we can’t help, we strive to offer
resources that are better suited to your situation.

Data Driven

We identify patterns so that we can better help
the next client.

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