From $40K in Annual Drug Costs to $4K: A Caribou Case Study

Caribou Team
June 13, 2022

A financial firm in Pennsylvania recently used our services to help one of their clients, Donna*, optimize her financial plan through healthcare planning. Donna sees several different doctors and uses several medications (five specialists and 16 medications, to be exact) and decided to retire at the age of 64 after a long career as a critical care unit nurse. Donna and her financial advisor needed help selecting an insurance plan that would: 

  • Lower the costs of the drugs she takes.
  • Allow her to continue to see her five doctors/specialists.
  • Not negatively impact her goal to retire before 65.
  • Not negatively impact her medical needs or financial goals.

This free case study dives into how we helped Donna and her financial advisor meet all these goals and reduce her annual drug costs by a whopping $35K! 

Fill out the download form below to learn exactly how we created a truly custom analysis that saved Donna thousands of dollars and deepened her confidence in her financial advisor.

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