Caribou Case Study: J.L. Bainbridge & Co.

Caribou Team
March 28, 2024

A proven strategy to attract new client assets: targeted healthcare planning marketing initiatives.

Ever wondered what the real-life impact of healthcare planning is? Or maybe you’re curious how actual financial planning firms utilize Caribou. Well, wonder no more! In this one-page case study, we’re sharing a recent success story from J.L. Bainbridge & Co. Like many firms, J.L. Bainbridge has ambitious growth goals. These goals include onboarding new clients as well as acquiring more of existing clients’ assets. To increase their pool of prospects, the team at J.L. Bainbridge turned to Caribou to see if they could leverage healthcare planning to grow their client base.

Download the free case study to learn how Caribou’s educational webinars (put on exclusively for clients of a wealth management firm) and unique healthcare planning software helped J.L. Bainbridge generate demand at minimal cost and close prospects.

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