Meet Susan

A partnered financial advisory firm used Caribou's Healthcare Planning Assessment and uncovered that Susan was approaching Medicare eligibility.

Susan retired early and is currently on her retiree health plan, which has criteria surrounding how to enroll in Medicare. More importantly, Susan wants to keep her current providers (i.e hospital & primary care physician) and prefers the flexibility of not needing to seek a referral to see a specialist. In addition, Susan has a second home out-of-state and plans to travel during retirement.

Using the information provided in the Healthcare Planning Assessment, Caribou was able to assist Susan's financial advisor in generating a report listing 3 options for Medicare enrollment based on Susan's preferences.

The report outlined associated costs and her maximum exposure in terms of cost within the year, and included drug costs and which providers she’d be able to keep.

As a result, Susan was able to proactively make an informed decision about her health insurance in a conversation with her financial advisor based on the report provided. The financial advisor also better understood the expected costs for the upcoming year.

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